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African american couple buying groceries


AbstractResearchFor children with neurodevelopment disorders what are facilitators and barriers to sufficient dietary intake?
AbstractResearchAnalyzing the experiences of people with ostomies to inform dietetic practice
AbstractResearchCanada’s Food Guide 2019 and the University of Saskatchewan Community: Awareness and Healthy Eating Habit Practices
AbstractResearchDietary quality and Cardiometabolic Risk Score among adolescents from 10 to 19 years, NHANES 2007 – 2018
AbstractResearchLow RMR ratio is unsuitable for screening elite male volleyball players at risk of low energy availability
AbstractResearchThe Role of Food in Death and Dying: Perspectives provided by Registered Dietitians in Canadian Long-Term Care Homes
AbstractResearchConsensus-based recommendations for the daily management of type 1 diabetes (T1D): a panel of healthcare professionals and people living with T1D
AbstractExperience SharingVitamin D Status in Hematological Stem Cell Transplant Patients at Pre-Transplant and Day +100
AbstractResearchA review of nutrition and microbiota research in primary sclerosing cholangitis
AbstractResearchExploring Culture in Nutrition Care Interventions for the South Asian Diaspora: A Narrative Review
AbstractResearchHealth Care Provider Perspectives during COVID-19 on Nutrition at End-of-Life in Long-Term Care
AbstractResearchWhat Dietary Factors Affect Injury Risks for Military Recruits?
AbstractResearchTaking a Closer Look at the Cookie Cutter: Questioning the Dietitian Stereotype, a Narrative Review
AbstractResearchAbstract Title: Nutrition Care for Patients with Pancreatitis – A Retrospective Chart Review
AbstractResearchQuels sont les déterminants de la motivation à apprendre et à appliquer les compétences interprofessionnelles chez les futurs professionnels de la santé?
AbstractResearchImplementing non-weight focused practice approaches used by Registered Dietitians in Canada
AbstractPerformance militaire et facteurs de stress: effets individuels et combinés de la nutrition, du sommeil et du stress psychologique
AbstractResearchAssessing the Quality of Dietary Assessment Methods Used in Nutrition-Focused mHealth Research for Cardiovascular Disease Management
AbstractResearchWhat do we mean by evidence-based?: Qualitative Publishing in the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research
AbstractResearchRegistered Dietitians Practice Perspectives in End-of-Life Care within the Long-Term Care Context
AbstractResearchQuelles sont les conséquences des conflits reliés à la langue et l'offre active dans les équipes de soins de santé interprofessionnelles?
AbstractExperience SharingBlinding the application review for dietetic practicum programs
AbstractResearchA Content Analysis of Webpages on Diet and Dental Caries Obtained Using Popular Internet Search Engines
AbstractResearchDeveloping best practices to align food environments in recreation and sports settings with Canada's Food Guide: A scoping review
AbstractResearchDietitians’ knowledge and comfort in supporting Muslim clients, patients, and communities during Ramadan
AbstractResearchA Content Analysis of Canadian Professional Association Resources on Diet and Tooth Decay
AbstractResearchThe Mediterranean diet pattern improves diet quality and symptoms in patients with Ulcerative Colitis compared to a habitual diet: A Pilot Study
AbstractResearchHow can food experience serve as a medium for social integration among Immigrant seniors in Canadian society?
AbstractResearchWhat is the contribution of snacks to the energy and macronutrient intake of military recruits from the Canadian Armed Forces during Basic Military Qualification?
AbstractResearchAn Analysis of the Content of YouTube Videos Regarding Nutrition and Dental Caries

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