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African american couple buying groceries


AbstractResearchDietary management of type 2 diabetes mellitus among South Asian immigrants: A mixed-methods study
AbstractResearchPerceptions and experiences of South Asian immigrants with type 2 diabetes in Australia: A qualitative study
AbstractResearchDo support factors for implementing voluntary nutrition guidelines affect the healthfulness of recreation facility food environments? A Qualitative Comparative Analysis across three Canadian provinces
AbstractResearchWhat dietitians need to know about salivary biomarkers as an assessment of growth of healthy children: A scoping review
AbstractResearchFeasibility of a Home Hemodialysis Bike Loan Project
AbstractResearchEvaluation of school lunch programs
AbstractResearchFalls in hospital and malnutrition
AbstractResearchPerceptions of the Current Food Service Delivery Model at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital (Part I: Prior to Room Service Implementation)
AbstractResearchHealthy Lifestyle Programs for Children with High BMI in Canada
AbstractExperience SharingAdvancing clinical skills: evaluating a program for new graduate dietitians
AbstractResearchVariability in Weight and Protein Content of Individual Seeds of Eight Field Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Cultivars Grown in Two Locations in Saskatchewan
AbstractResearchAcute Pancreatitis Nutrition Care Practices on ACUs at Pasqua Hospital – Pre and Post-Survey
AbstractResearchFactors Associated with Comfort/Confidence when Having End-of-Life Conversations with Substitute Decision Makers in Long-Term Care
AbstractResearchEvaluating consumption of items that meet Health Canada’s proposed front-of-label warning among a nationally-representative sample of Canadian adults
AbstractExperience SharingTackling Malnutrition at Vancouver Coastal Health: Implementation of Subjective Global Assessment (SGA)
AbstractResearchCharacteristics of older adults with malnutrition risk at hospital discharge then readmission within 90 days
AbstractResearchA realist evaluation of FEHNCY Community Engagement and Mobilization for knowledge translation: the role of traditional foods in supporting cultural safety in health and nutrition research
AbstractResearchA phenomenological study on a First Nation community’s experiences of resilience and food access during the pandemic.
AbstractResearchThe Provision of Probiotic-containing Foods and Fermented Foods with Patient Meals
AbstractResearchDietitian’s Approach to Managing Enteral Nutrition Intolerance When a Formula Change is Indicated: A Canadian Clinical Practice Survey
AbstractResearchThe Evolution of Food Literacy: From Functional to Critical Conversations
AbstractResearchIntegrating leadership into curricula: Five strategies to bring leadership development into dietetic education
AbstractResearchAdolescent food security status and associations with nutrition and health determinants: a cross-sectional study linking a Manitoba survey and administrative health data
AbstractResearchQuels sont les effets de l’offre active des services en français sur la sécurité et la qualité des soins en milieux cliniques?
AbstractResearchExamining Affect Emotions of Canadians When Thinking About Dietitians
AbstractResearchQuels sont les effets des simulations interprofessionnelles sur la motivation des futurs professionnels de la santé et service social à faire de l’offre active des services en français ?
AbstractResearchEvaluation of Calcium Content in Tofu Products and Comparison with Canadian Nutrient File
AbstractResearchLes recrues militaires rencontrent-elles les recommandations en micronutriments clés pour la santé osseuse afin de réduire le risque de blessures musculosquelettiques ?
AbstractResearchLack of calorie reduction in breakfast cereal products with sugars-related nutrient content claims in the Canadian marketplace
AbstractResearchBeliefs and behaviours associated with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets among Canadians capable of bearing children.

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