Grant Application Form

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Grant Application Information

Ravi and team to provide MAKE with information for this section

Grant Application Confirmation Receipt

Ravi and team to confirmApplicants can expect to receive a confirmation of receipt by March 2nd, 2024. Applicants should contact the CFDR office by March 5th, 2024 if they have not received the confirmation receipt.

Submission Package

Ravi and team to confirmThe submission package must contain the following 3 separate documents:
  1. Abstract
  2. General Information
  3. Investigator
  4. Co-Investigator(s)
  5. Sponsoring Institution
  6. Project Details
  7. Previous Funding
  8. External Reviewers

Grant Review Committee Feedback and Decision

The decisions of Grant Review Committee will be available by May ??, 2024. Invited applications (Second step) are due March 4, 2024. The decisions of the Grant Review Committee are final.

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