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Welcome Louise St-Denis

Thank-you for participating in our 2023 Abstract Showcase review. Below you will see a table that lists the abstracts that have been assigned for you to review. In the table there are two columns with links named "View Abstract" and "Review Form". Clicking on "View Abstract" will load a specific abstract to review within this page. Clicking on "Abstract Review Form" will load a separate form in a new tab/window. We recommend opening the reviewform in a new window so you can easily jump between the abstract you are reviewing and the separate review form.

The abstracts include both Research and Experience Sharing. Both share the same scoring form. The sections on the abstracts have slightly different headings.

Review Form Sections Score to be Awarded
Research Experience Sharing
Introduction Purpose Rate 1-5 (Poor to Excellent)
Objective(s) Process or summary of content Rate 1-5 (Poor to Excellent)
Method(s) Systematic approach used, including supporting information Rate 1-5 (Poor to Excellent)
Results Conclusions Rate 1-5 (Poor to Excellent)
Conclusion(s) Recommendations Rate 1-5 (Poor to Excellent)
Significance to dietetics Significance to dietetics Rate 1-5 (Poor to Excellent)
Overall impression:
Consider scientific merit, relevance to dietetics/nutrition, validity of results, original research, writing style, spelling, grammar, and flow of content
Overall impression: Consider current issues, new developments, relevance to dietetics/nutrition, writing style, spelling, grammar, and flow of content Rate 1-5 (Poor to Excellent)


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