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Thank-you for participating in our 2024 Grant Application review. Below you will see a table that lists the proposals that have been assigned for you to review.

In the table there are two columns with links named "View Proposal" and "Review Form". Clicking on "View Proposal" will load a specific proposal to review within this page.

Clicking on "Grant Review Form" will load a separate form in a new tab/window. We recommend opening the review form in a new window so you can easily jump between the proposal you are reviewing and the separate review form.

Each criteria is given a score (1-10) which is then automatically multiplied by the weighting formula in the Grant Review Form. Please make all ratings out of 10. They are weighted differently but all ratings are out of 10

Criteria for Assesment of Proposals Score to be Awarded
Alignment with CFDR

Is the proposal within the interests and objectives of CFDR?

Will the proposal add significantly to the state of knowledge on the subject with direct application to the practice of dietetics/ nutrition?

Rate 1-10 (Unsatisfactory to Outstanding)

Are the objectives of the project achievable and, if the objectives are stated in the form of a hypothesis, is the time reference reasonable with respect to the realization of the testing of this hypothesis?

If the project is part of a larger project, can the specific project/part be reported on within the time allowed?

Rate 1-10 (Unsatisfactory to Outstanding)
Present Knowledge

Is the investigator aware of the present state of knowledge in the area to be investigated? The application must include evidence of a comprehensive literature review.

Rate 1-10 (Unsatisfactory to Outstanding)

Is the methodology of the proposal sound? The application must include details of the methodology to be used.

Are there alternative ways to undertake this proposal?

Are the methods of data collection and analysis sound?

Is the sample size appropriate to achieve the objectives?

Rate 1-10 (Unsatisfactory to Outstanding)
Expertise & Infastructure

Does the research team have the expertise necessary to complete this research?

Is there sufficient infrastructure and support to enable the success of this research project?

Rate 1-10 (Unsatisfactory to Outstanding)
Significance to dietetics

Is the budget reasonable and adequate in relation to the objectives of the study?

Has the applicant identified other sources of income for the project, if any?

Has the applicant identified sources of continued funding if required at the completion of the project?

Rate 1-10 (Unsatisfactory to Outstanding)


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