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Roseann Nasser
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Abstract Title: Nutrition Care for Patients with Pancreatitis – A Retrospective Chart Review
Names, Organizational Affiliations, and Locations of all Authors
T. Henry1, L. Overbye1, E. Bourgeois1, I. Ghemraoui1, M. Richmond1, Darci Halbgewachs3
Dr. Kyle MacDonald3, R. Nasser2;
1Nutrition practicum program, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Regina, SK,2Clinical Nutrition Services, Pasqua Hospital, Saskatchewan Health Authority,33D-Accountable Care Unit, Pasqua Hospital, Saskatchewan Health Authority
Pancreatitis is a common reason for admission to hospital medicine units.
Objective(s)/Process or Summary of Content
The purpose of this study is to determine if current nutrition care practices for patients with acute pancreatitis on Accountable Care Units (ACU) at the Pasqua Hospital are meeting current national/international guidelines for treating pancreatitis.
Method(s)/Systemic Approach Used
A retrospective chart review was conducted of all adult acute pancreatitis admissions to ACU (4A, 4B, 3D) medicine units at the Pasqua Hospital from January 1-December 31, 2020.
A total of 87 patient charts were reviewed. The primary diagnosis was acute pancreatitis for 91% (n=79/87) of patients. Serum labs and CT tomography were used to diagnose. The average length of stay was 5.4 days (range 1-23 days) for all three units. Readmission within 30 days of discharge occurred in 16 (18%) patients. Unit dietitians received 29 consults by physicians, and the dietitians saw 39 of the 87 patients. Upon admission, the most frequent diet order was nil per os (NPO) (n=29), clear fluid (CF) (n=27), followed by diet as tolerated (DAT) (n=9). By 24-48 hours, CF was (n=31) and DAT (n=13). By 48-72 hours, the most significant diet order was DAT (n=27), followed by CF (n=9), and FF (n=7) with 24 patients receiving ONS. No nutrition support was provided.
Current guidelines suggest feeding with a regular diet as soon as is tolerated. It took about 48-72 hours for most patients to be on DAT. This may reflect the length of time for pancreatitis symptoms to resolve.
Significance to Dietetics
Health care professionals use clinical judgment and objective measures to treat pancreatitis. Education and an established pathway for diagnosis of acute pancreatitis and nutrition care could potentially lead to improved patient outcomes and positively affect the average LOS. Further research should be conducted to trial education and established protocols.
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