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Letter of Intent Submission Information

The first step in applying for a CFDR Research Grant is the submission of a Letter of Intent package. The documents can be submitted in English or French. The package must be sent to CFDR via this webform by 4:59 PM [EST] November 7th, 2022

Please review the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research Grant Program Policy document for important information on the program: investigator eligibility, areas of support, areas of non-support, grant process, investigator and sponsoring institution agreements, obligations and reporting requirements, CFDR’s funding process, and publications and rights. The submission of a Letter of Intent indicates agreement to the terms and conditions as outlined in the CFDR Research Grant Program Policy document.

These CFDR research grants are not intended to supplement other grants. However, CFDR will review a grant proposal that has been submitted concurrently to other potential granting/funding agencies. If successful, shared or joint funding may be undertaken at the discretion of the agencies concerned. If partial funding of a larger project is requested, the proposal must clearly state how CFDR funds will be used and how that piece of work will be a distinct project to be conducted within the timeframe for CFDR with results published separately. Investigators must inform the Foundation of any support requested and/or received from other funding bodies.

Letter of Intent Submission Confirmation Receipt

Applicants can expect to receive a confirmation of receipt by November 10th, 2022. Applicants should contact the CFDR office by November 17th, 2022 if they have not received the confirmation receipt.

Submission Package

The submission package must contain the following 3 separate documents:
  1. Abstract
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. General Information

Scientific Review Committee Feedback and Decision

The decisions of Scientific Review Committee will be available by December 15, 2022. Invited proposals (Second step) are due March 2, 2023. The decisions of the Scientific Review Committee are final.

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