The Core of CFDR

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Our Vision

CFDR is the authoritative research funding organization on food, nutrition, and dietetics.

Our Mission

CFDR funds and shares research to improve the nutritional health of all Canadians and advance the dietetic profession.

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Our Values

The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research demonstrates the following values:


Fosters creativity and support for the emergence of new knowledge in an environment that embraces both freedom of inquiry and unrestricted dissemination of research results


Functions with honesty, fairness, transparency and objectivity


Operates inclusively and collaboratively, leveraging the wisdom and diverse perspectives of board members, corporate partners and individual donors to achieve results


Manages resources responsibly by operating with the highest level of ethical conduct in decision making and supporting desired outcomes


Promotes high standards in research


Demonstrates value to Foundation supporters in its applicability and significance to dietetic practice and corporate priorities in relation to the nutritional health of Canadians

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